‘Flex Rooms’ are the name we give to a pre-determined space that is not specifically tied to a function.  For example, you have an extra room on the main floor but you’re not sure you want to use it as an office or a formal dining room…it becomes a ‘Flex Room’.  It’s notated on the plan as such, so that the construction crews, Realtors, and your family/friends know that it may be a designated space for something, but the use of that room might change through the years.  Adding a closet and windows is even better, making it also able to function as a bedroom if down the road, you or whomever you sell to needs an extra living space for an in-law or new addition to the family.

Other great uses of ‘Flex Room’ space are:

  • Media or theater room
  • Reading room, library, or study
  • Informal living room or recreation room
  • Formal dining room
  • Billiards room
  • Home gym or exercise room
  • Home office