It’s a fact of life that even though you love your house NOW, there’s no telling the future. Maybe it’s a great job offer, maybe it’s personal. Whatever the reason, keeping resale in mind when you’re building is just good business sense. Here’s some of our tips on paying that extra dollar for things that are really worth it.

  1. Custom Painting. White walls never show off your trim and interior details to their fullest potential. Painted or stained trim is meant to be a contrast. Don’t let it blend into your blah walls.
  2. Deck or screen porch. It’s becoming close to necessity for most buyers to have an area to escape into the outdoors (without trudging down into your backyard). It’s still a nice enough upgrade where it’s a bonus and not required, but if you can put that extra money into it now, it saves you from doubling the cost to install it later (usually right before resale).
  3. Adding the exterior finishes. It might be stucco accents, or more stone, or maybe a trellis or board and batton. Whatever your preference is, it’s usually the final touch that most builders or buyers miss. It can make the difference in the house that everyone drives by, or the house that people remember.
  4. The fireplace. Admit it, you probably don’t use your fireplace as much as you thought you would. However, it’s the type of thing that can alienate a potential buyer. It’s better to put it in now, and maybe go with the less expensive option on the surround.
  5. Finishing the lower level. This is a big one. It’ll never be as cheap as it is during building to finish off your basement. Most often, people think that they’ll do it piece by piece…and then it comes down to the week before listing your house and the husband is trying to throw in carpet. Do it now, and actually USE it while you’re living in the house!
  6. Updated selections. Everyone wants to save a buck, but sometimes getting less expensive finishes just aren’t worth the penny pinching. If it makes your house look outdated or simple, people will move right past it. When it comes to smaller trim or hollow core doors, if it’s not an extensive savings, it might not be worth it.
  7. The good windows. Every builder or supplier has a cheap window that you know they wouldn’t put in their own house. Try to skip past that one and at least get the next step up so you’re not looking at a window replacement after five years.