That is the true question. Most of us would love to design and build our dream home. The house should be unique from all others and created just for us, but is that something only the affluent can afford? The answer is NO. You would be surprised the value you receive when building a new custom home.

1. When you custom build, you’re getting exactly what you want and you’re going to love everything in the house! It is not necessary to inherit someone else’s problems in an existing home, or worry about what kind of “money-pit” you just bought. At Classic Custom Homes, you will receive a minimum of one year Builders Warranty, and up to lifetime warranties on many of the products we use in our homes.

2. Will I need to hire an architect to design my house plan and have a lot of out of pocket costs upfront? Again the answer is NO. When you hire Classic Custom Homes of Waunakee, one of our in-house draftspeople will begin designing your home immediately. There are no upfront costs for this service when building with us. You have the ability to give feedback and input through every stage of this process. The staff at CCH are extremely educated about the industry trends and will give you suggestions to make your home different and unique from other homes in the area, or homes built by the “box builder” that repeats the same product over and over again.

3. Will I be able to make all my own selections? Of course! You will be assigned a designer that will work with you to guide you through the building process, but you will make all the final decisions on your selections for your home. The designer will attend all selection meetings with you to assure that your project is completed on-time and on-budget. The designer will make sure that tasks and decisions are made in a timely manner by following our Builder Selection Schedule. You will follow a schedule of selections that is given to you at the time your contract is signed. You may also follow all schedules on our cloud-based software call BuilderTrend. Customers have the ability to see who is scheduled to perform work on your home on what day, post photos of your home under construction, follow all costs of the project, and find all documents pertaining to your home in an instant. You will play a part of every process so you will not be surprised at the end of the project.

Classic Custom Homes of Waunakee has worked very hard to create an organized building process from start to finish. We will guide you through the bid selection process to assure that you are getting everything you deserve in your home, and still maintain the budget you have designated. YOU control the final decisions but we will use our expertise and creativity to make each home special ~ a home that suits your family’s needs and budget. We are always willing to give alternatives that may save money and achieve the same perfect end result! We have one of the best reputations in the Dane County and surrounding areas for custom home builders for a reason!