As of September 1, 2012 a Shoreland Zoning Permit will be required to be obtained prior to a general
zoning permit being issued by the Dane County Zoning Division for any construction activities within
300 feet of a lake or stream.

WHY? The Shoreland Zoning Permit process determines if a property meets the impervious surface
limits found under Dane County Shoreland Regulations, Chapter 11, Section 11.03.

Projects that require a Shoreland Zoning Permit:
‰ Any construction, reconstruction, expansion, replacement, or relocation of
impervious surfaces within 300 feet of a navigable body of water (lake or
stream). Impervious surface is considered anything other than grass or
vegetative matter.
‰ Any new permanent or temporary structures within 300 feet of a navigable body
of water
‰ Any vertical or horizontal expansion of an existing structure within 300 feet of a
navigable body of water
‰ Removal of trees, shrubs, or vegetation within 35 feet of the shoreline.
‰ Boathouses
Required Information:
‰ Plat of survey from a licensed surveyor showing the following:
o Scaled drawing of property lines with dimensions
o Size and location of all buildings and structures located on the property
o Size and location of all impervious surfaces including, driveways, stone
patios, pavers, steps, landings, and retaining walls.
o Size of all vegetative areas (grass, mulch)
o Ordinary High Water Mark location
o Topographical information (2-foot contours) including 100-year floodplain
limit. Contours of existing and proposed grading are needed.
o Additional features may be needed to comply with erosion and mitigation

Additional Approvals may be involved with Shoreland Zoning Permit:
‰ Shoreland Erosion Control Permit
‰ Shoreland Mitigation Permit
For full information regarding Shoreland Regulations and Zoning Requirements,
contact Dane County Zoning at 266-4266.