“To all –

I also want to extend my appreciation to the entire CCH team – you have all been very responsive, creative, patient, and most of all professional.  Your input and opinions are truly valued as you are the experts.  In the end, we both want to have a finished product, our new home, that will make people talk – and I wasn’t kidding about our house being on future CCH brochures. Thank you, again, for all that you have done to date.  We look forward to getting this started.”

- Scott & Penny Hammer
Windsor, WI

Image 1392
Image 1391

- Fred Teitgen
Poynette, WI

“CCH Team,

Thank you all so much for everything!  You have been great to us during the whole house building process!  We love our house and hope to be in our house for a very long time!

Merry Christmas to all of you and thank you again for the wonderful house we now call our home!”

- Danielle & Josh Henry
Columbus, WI

“You guys have done a GREAT job and we are very pleased with how things have gone so far. We’ve looked at a lot of different options and had more iterations than you probably see, so we appreciate everyone’s efforts in sticking with us. We are very excited with how everything is turning out and are looking forward to getting this house built!”

- Eric & Kari Fisher
Waunakee, WI

“Thanks so much for building Erica and my dream home. We have found ourselves truly enjoying getting settled and relaxing in this home.”

- Michael Nowicki
Waunakee, WI

- Aaron & Meghann Voegeli
Waunakee, WI

“We built a home with Classic and had a great experience. The staff was helpful and courteous. They helped us make selections for our home while keeping us on budget. Our home was done quickly and on time. The whole process was smooth and seamless, so smooth that we decided to have them finish our basement as well. Now we have a beautiful basement with a ton of extra living space.

- BJ Bailey
Madison, WI

“We have been extremely happy with our CCH building experience.  Their customer service before, during and even after construction has been top notch.  Any post building issues that have come up have been dealt with promptly and with little disruption to my family and schedule.  We have neighbors that chose other builders and are still waiting for post construction punch lists to be completed….. 18 months later.  Couldn’t be happier with our final product and the decision we made to build with CCH!”

- Aaron & Stephanie Gallus
Waunakee, WI

- John Hinner & Renee Pecosky
Deforest, WI

“After extensive research and meetings with other builders, we selected Classic to build our home in 2012.  We were not disappointed!  Here are some comments about Classic’s results/performance in several key areas:

Quality:  This may be where Classic made the greatest impression with us.  Brian and the entire team set very high standards for quality, and it shows in their results.  This includes high quality materials and craftsmanship, and valuable consultation with decisions.  On numerous occasions, they helped steer us towards great style and other decisions that will ensure our long term satisfaction.  We regularly receive compliments from friends and family about our home, and Classic deserves a lot of the credit.

Communication:  We had a true sense of partnership with Classic, and they did a great job keeping us updated along the way.  Like many people in our situation, we were nervous and had lots of questions.  Classic was responsive and consistently put our minds at ease.

Cost/Budget:  The process of putting together bids and cost estimates was very easy, and Classic provided accuracy and transparency throughout.  The final cost was exactly what we expected, and it was less than the initial bids we had received from other builders.

Schedule:  Classic did a great job adhering to the planned schedule (which they shared with us along the way), and our home was completed in less than 4 months.  Not only that, but we needed a place to live during construction (our previous house sold quicker than expected), and Classic provided us with a flexible arrangement at one of their rental properties.

Standing Behind Their Work:  In any construction project project, there will be things that didn’t quite go as planned or that need follow-up work.  A good measure of a service provider is how they handle these occurrences.  We had a couple minor things (quality of work from a couple of the sub-contractors) that needed attention and Brian took care of everything quickly and at no extra cost.

All in all, we were (and still are) extremely satisfied with our decision to have Classic build our home.  We would definitely build with them again, and recommend them to anyone we know who is thinking about building a new home.”

- Jon Savidusky
Madison, WI

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