Classic_AdviceFreeze-thaw cycles and road salts will attack your concrete driveway, garage floor, patio, pool deck, and sidewalks causing them to spall and develop pit marks.

Here are some pointers on how to avoid these issues: 

  • Avoid using salt on cement driveways in winter, and NEVER during the first year! Salt can lead to cracks in cement and other damage and will invalidate any warranty you may have.
  • Avoid using de-icing chemicals, since the chemicals can penetrate the concrete surface and cause damage underneath.
  • Whether you have a professional plow to remove snow or you do it yourself, be sure the plow blade is lifted high enough so that it doesn’t scrape and damage the cement or asphalt.
  • Make sure gutters are not draining directly onto your driveway, as this can lead to ice.
  • Spread sand over the driveway, the sun’s process of heating the sand will create “pock marks” in the ice with ridges and peaks that will simply evaporate away in the sunshine.

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