Granite is beautiful and durable, but not indestructible.  Taking proper care of your granite can increase it’s life exponentially.  Here are some tips:

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  • The safest way to clean granite countertops is with a specifically designed cleaner.  A neutral cleaner is a must.  Our suppliers recommend one cleaner, Stone Tech Revitalizer.
  • Avoid anything that is not PH balanced, including bleach, Soft Scrub, and Windex.
  • To avoid streaking, wipe the countertop completely dry.
  • The best way to avoid a stain is to quickly wipe off the compound in question.
  • A PH balanced dish soap and water will work to clean your countertops well.
  • The sealer does not waterproof the countertop.  If your granite darkens when it is wet, do not be alarmed, it will return to the original color when it dries.
  • While stains are rare, they can be caused by cooking oil.  When cooking with oil, wipe your countertops clean when you are finished.
  • Granite is a quartz-based material and can be scratched by quartz or anything harder.