There are so many benefits to building new instead of buying existing, but until now it’s been hard to put an actual price to that statement.  There is now a cost savings calculator that can tell you how much you’ll save by building versus buying an existing home.  It figures in the year the home was built, how many occupants, the home value, and the square footage.

For example, on a 2500 square foot home built in 2000 and a home value of $300,000 with a family of 4, the used home is estimated to cost $7837 between average maintenance and average utility cost.  By building new, you’re saving over $4500 in maintenance and utilities.

And that’s not even the best part!  By building a new home, specifically a custom home, you get what you want!  No compromising, no remodels, no replacing a furnace or a roof a year after you buy.  Wishing you had a master on the main floor?  Done!  Desiring a larger custom shower?  No problem!  Hoping you had more closet space?  Piece of cake!

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